ForumIAS Mains Orientation + Q & A Session – 24th June 11 AM

24 July, 11AM Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi
Note: This Session is intended for MGP Students / MGP Interested Candidates. The session will
  • ForumIAS will be conducting a session on Mains Preparation.
 The Agenda of the session
Agenda of the session will be to discuss
  • Time Management  between before the Mains Examination
  • Writing a good answer – Structure & Content
  • Settings Daily Goals and Targets
  • Sources for Preparing for all GS Papers
  • Strategy to follow in Ethics to score well
  • How to compress answers in exam in word and time limit
  • How to do answer writing practice for Mains at home with a peer group.

The session will be taken by ForumIAS Members @Neyawn ( Read Articles by Neyawn here ) and @LouisLitt  ( Prajit Nair , Rank 87, His Preparation Strategy )

Note : This session will be an orientation session for all MGP Students + those planning to join MGP or planning to join or MGP or those planning to take up Mains Marathon Answer Writing.

 Note : We will be holding another seminar again on July 1, with @neyawn and @mittali Sethi ( IAS Rank 56 ) that will be covering these issues.
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