Revision Class Current Affairs ( Govt Schemes+ Allied Issues) 1 Class

31 May 2017 Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi 110060
Hello Aspirants,This is the enrollment for Revision Class Current Affairs ( Govt Schemes + More ) to be held on May 31

The registration fee is to be paid by ALL students except students of ForumIAS Prelims Test Series ( Classroom ) Students. All MGP/Online Students must register by paying the nominal sum of Rs. 200 only.

There will be no repeat of this class

We are planning to conduct more such revision classes. Visit to know more about them.

There are LIMITED seats, so kindly book early as we will close registrations as soon as seats are filled. We have a small center and will NOT be able to accommodate too many people.

In case of any help, please call / SMS Vinay at 9821711605.

*Fees collected for this event are merely a deterrent for ensuring that we have an estimate of the number of people turning up. By making this payment, you accept the above, and agree to the conditions below

1) In No way this payment is for consumption of services rendered by ForumIAS
2) It does not entitle you rights as a consumer of services thus provided
3) It does not entitle you to a refund in any case including case of non attendance ( Some people just book in , because of less price, then don’t turn up and waste the seats )
Google Maps Location :

ForumIAS on its part agrees that events as such are not a source of net income , and registration fees , thus collected will always be far less than the cost incurred to conduct these events.

The ultimate goal of ForumIAS for such events will be to reach out to as many genuine students as we can, and solve preparation related problems that face candidates actually preparing.

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