Dear Friends,

We are about 150 days away from Prelims 2018.

Almost 10 lakh candidates will fill up the form for the Prelims Examination. About 4 lakh will appear for the exam. 12,000 will clear the Prelims.

Half of them from the Unreserved category.

But some people, despite hard work and brilliance ( and quitting lucrative jobs ) do not clear Prelims. Usually more than once.

At ForumIAS, Over the past few years, we have come across thousands of aspirants who have visited us, dropped us an email, comments on Forum Website.

A lot of them asked us how to clear Prelims. A lot of them had made mistakes in past attempts.

Some of them had quit Bank PO, SSC, and good private sector jobs, and did not make it. Some of them were first-timers.

Few things we found, were common in candidates who were not able to crack Prelims examination. Year after year.

Some of these things were, unfortunately, being done by even first-timers. We could see it.

Most of them said/did a few common things as below :

First, they said they had done the basic books, “but were not able to answer direct questions from it, because they forgot to revise.”

Second, they focused on Optional till February ( Plan was till Jan, but the deadline was not met ), and decided to prepare for Prelims after that.

Third, they assumed that doing a book, like say Spectrum means reading it once and attempting/solving questions.

We know  that Prelims is a matter of three things

First, Revision

Second, Completing Syllabus on time. And that time must be two months before the exam.

Third, testing yourself, and not assuming that you are good unless you have a rank or marks to show.

We want to solve this problem.

Prelims may involve some luck. But you can only say that when you have covered the syllabus well, done multiple revisions, written tests, gotten good ranks  – all the usual stuff that is expected of you to do. And not taken short cuts.

Of all things, Prelims should not be left to luck.

We are looking for a Select Focus Group ( SFG ) of 100 students, whom we will work with on ensuring that they clear the Prelims examination, by all means in 2018.

There is no point preparing for Optionals, Mains and Interview, or buying magazines and books and courses and foundation classes and what not, if you not clear Prelims.

And we know that there are some very brilliant candidates, who will clear Mains with a breeze, if we could help them clear Prelims in some way.

For them, Prelim is the only bottleneck between them and a position in the prestigious IAS.

Like Mallika Sudheer last year, who cracked Prelims for the first time in 2016, and ended up in final list with AIR 26.

We are working on a practical Plan for Prelims 2018 for it.

We will be choosing 100 students for this program. These students will be mentored and guided at ForumIAS and improvements will be suggested in their Prelims strategy as well as in identifying weak areas.

The Program is expected to begin from 15th January. 

In case you are interested in the program, you must express your interest by filling up the Google Form below.

Note that this is an offline program and we expect 100% results from it, and we shall deliver it.

The program will take you through the same trajectory and learning curve to reach a preparation level which is required to clear Prelims in a single attempt, irrespective of the nature of paper.

We will be assisted in this initiative by ForumIAS Members who have consistently cleared the Prelims Examination with high scores.

This program does not have any course fee associated with it and is a free initiative. However, A small fee may be charged to cover the cost of logistics, stationery and printing costs of the SFG group. This fee will be nominal and will be charged on a monthly basis, and may vary per month.

To maintain the quality of the SFG Group, we may hold a generic Open Test for select serious aspirants.

For those of you interested in the program click below to register




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