10 PM Daily Current Affairs Quiz | October 7th 2021

Dear Friends, We are posting 10 PM Current Affairs MCQs for today. On a daily basis, we post 10 MCQs, based on daily current affairs from PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express, DTE, TOI, and Live mint.

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Question No. 1
Consider the following pairs:
1. Tarikh-i-Mubarak Shahi——Yahiya bin Ahmad Sirhindi
2. Nu Siphr——Al beruni
3. Futuh-us-Salatin—–Salim Chisti
Which of the above given pair is/are correctly matched?
Question No. 2
Who among the following used Firdausi’s Shah Namah as a model in composing Zainavilas?
Question No. 3
Which ruler’s interest led to the translation of Sanskrit musical work Rag Darpan into Persian?
Question No. 4
Consider the following statements about sculptures and paintings during Delhi Sulatanate period:
1. The architects continued decorating buildings with animal figures only.
2. They introduced Arabesque, the art of decorating the building with Quranic verses inscribed with calligraphy.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Question No. 5
Consider the following statements about the status of women during sultanate period:
1. Muslim women had right to obtain divorce.
2. Islam was against women being taught to read and write.
3. Hindu women had the right to inherit property.
Which of the statements given above is/are NOT correct?
Question No. 6
Paper making technology, which evolved in China, was introduced in India by which rule among the following?
Question No. 7
Who among the following issued gold coins stamped with image of goddess Lakshmi?
Question No. 8
Who among the following is known to have translated Patanjali’s work into Persian and the works of Euclid (Greek mathematician) into Sanskrit?
Question No. 9
Which of the following is the term used for the practice of pilgrimage to the graves of sheikh?
Question No. 10
Who among the following is the composer of the love story ‘Padmavat’ which reloved around the romance of Padmini and Ratansen, the king of Chittor?
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