1,300 ­year ­old Buddhist stupa found in Odisha’s Jajpur

Source: The post is based on the article “‘1,300 ­year ­old Buddhist stupa found in Odisha’s Jajpur” published in The Hindu on 28th February 2023

What is the News?

​​The Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) has stumbled upon a 1,300­ year­ old stupa right in the middle of a mining site in Odisha’s Jajpur district.

The stupa was found at Parabhadi, which is situated near Lalitagiri, a major Buddhist complex.

Note: This is the same place from where Khondalite stones were supplied for the beautification project around the 12th century Shree Jagannath Temple in Puri.

What are Khondalite Stones?

Khondalite is a foliated metamorphic rock.In India, it is also called Bezwada Gneiss and Kailasa Gneiss.

It was named after the Khond tribe of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh because well-formed examples of the rock were found in the inhabited hills of these regions of eastern India.

Khondalite stones were widely used in ancient temple complexes. 

Khondalite stones are proposed to be used widely to maintain aesthetic value of some projects such as the heritage security zone, the Jagannath Ballav pilgrim centre, Puri lake development project, the Atharnala heritage project and the Matha Development Initiative.

What is Lalitagiri?

Lalitagiri is a major Buddhist complex in the state of Odisha.

The complex is home to stupas, ‘esoteric’ Buddha images, and monasteries (viharas), which is the oldest site in the region.

Significant finds at this complex include Buddha’s relics.Tantric Buddhism was practiced at this site.

Together with the Ratnagiri and Udayagiri sites a short distance away, Lalitagiri is part of the “Diamond Triangle”.

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