1st in Asia: Thailand legalizes marijuana but smoking pot still illegal

What is the News?

Thailand has ​​become the first country in Asia to decriminalize Marijuana which is also known as Cannabis.

Why has Thailand decriminalized Marijuana?

Thailand has decriminalized Marijuana with the aim of boosting its agriculture and tourism sectors.

Under decriminalization, it is no longer a crime in Thailand to grow and trade marijuana and hemp products, or use parts of the plant to treat illnesses. 

Cafes and restaurants can also serve cannabis-infused food and drinks — but only if the products contain less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the plant’s main psychoactive compound.

However, tough penalties remain in place under the Public Health Act including up to three months in jail and an $800 fine for smoking cannabis in public.

Which other countries permit the use of marijuana?

In 2018, Canada became the first G20 country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. 

Uruguay legalized the recreational use of marijuana for all adults above the age of 18 in 2013.

Several European countries — including the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic — permit smoking marijuana in public places.

In the US, the consumption of marijuana is legal in at least 20 states including Washington DC, New York and California.

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Source: The post is based on the article “1st in Asia: Thailand legalizes marijuana but smoking pot still illegal” published in TOI on 10th June 2022.

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