200 Students and Indian Nationals from Ukraine arrive in Delhi as part of “Operation Ganga”

What is the news?

Around 200 students and Indian citizens from Ukraine have been evacuated from Ukraine and brought back to India as part of Operation Ganga.

What is Operation Ganga?

Operation Ganga is the initiative launched by the Government of India to bring back Indians stranded in Ukraine.

What are the steps taken under Operation Ganga?

Firstly, Indian missions in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary have been making arrangements to receive Indian nationals from Ukraine and fly them out.

Secondly, 24×7 Control Centres have been set up to assist in the evacuation of Indian nationals through Ukraine’s border crossing points with the four countries.

Thirdly, Four Union Ministers have travelled to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries to coordinate the evacuation.

Fourthly, a dedicated Twitter account named OpGanga Helpline has been created to assist in the evacuation by sharing important advisories and instructions.

Fifthly, the Union Health Ministry has revised the mandatory international travel guidelines for all Indians being evacuated from Ukraine, allowing them to board flights without a negative RT-PCR report or vaccination certificate.

Source: This post is based on the article200 Students and Indian Nationals from Ukraine arrive in Delhi as part of Operation Gangapublished in PIB on 4th Mar 2022.

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