3 out of 4 rural homes without piped drinking water: NSSO

Source: The post is based on the article3 out of 4 rural homes without piped drinking water: NSSO published in TOI on 15th March 2023

What is the News?

The National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) has released the findings of the Multiple Indicator Survey(MIS).

What is a Multiple Indicator Survey(MIS)?

Multiple Indicator Survey(MIS) was part of the 78th round of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO). 

Objective: 1) To collect information for developing estimates of some important Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators and 2) To collect information on Migration.

What are the key findings of the survey?

Multiple Indicator Survey(MIS)
Source: TOI

Drinking water: Less than a quarter of rural households and under two-thirds of urban ones in India reported having piped water for drinking in their houses or yard.

– Although penetration of piped drinking water is abysmal in many states, more than 95.7% of people reported having access to an improved source of drinking water. 

– This is defined as water taken from packed bottles, piped water into a house, yard or from a neighbour, public tap, tube well, hand pump, covered well, tanker and so on.

Access to latrine: About 70% of the rural households reported having exclusive access to a latrine while 21. 3% reported having no access to a latrine, exclusive or otherwise. 

Financial Inclusion: The survey confirms the progress in financial inclusion in India with nearly 90% of those surveyed reporting having an account individually or jointly with banks, other financial institutions or mobile money service providers.

Cooking: Almost half of the rural households are still using firewood as the primary source of energy for cooking.

Not in education, employment or training: During the time of the survey, 16.1% of males and 43. 8% of females aged 15-24 were neither studying nor working or being trained. 

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