41 Industrial Parks identified as “Leaders” in the Industrial Park Ratings System Report

What is the news? 

The 2nd edition of the Industrial Park Rating System (IPRS) Report was launched by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). All the States of India and 51 SEZs, including 29 Private, have participated in the IPRS 2.0 Report.

What are the key findings of the IPRS 2.0 Report? 

The Report is an extension of the India Industrial Land Bank, which features more than 4,400 industrial parks in a GIS-enabled database to help investors identify their preferred location for investment.

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The report classifies different industrial parks into categories namely ‘leaders’, ‘Challenger’, ‘Aspirers’. IPRS 2.0 Report. Accordingly, there were 41 Industrial Parks that have been assessed as “Leaders“, 90 Industrial Parks have been rated as under the “Challenger” category while 185 have been rated as under “Aspirers“.  

What is the significance of the IPRS 2.0 Report? 

The IPRS 2.0 Report will enhance India’s industrial competitiveness and attract investment. The investors can remotely refer to this report to identify the suitable investable land area, as per the various parameters of infrastructure, connectivity, business support services and environment and safety standards and make informed investment decisions.

What is the Industrial Park Rating System (IRPS) exercise? 

IPRS was organized as a pilot level exercise in 2018 with support from Asian Development Bank along with its knowledge partner PwC.

IPRS was conceptualized with an aim to enhance industrial infrastructure competitiveness and support policy development for enabling industrialization across the country.  

SourceThis post is based on the article 41 Industrial Parks identified as “Leaders” in the Industrial Park Ratings System Report published in ‘PIB’ on 05 October 2021. 

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