1. Vice President of India has inaugurated the fifth edition of Aqua Aquaria India-2019.
  2. The theme of the event is “Taking Blue revolution to India’s hinterland”. The event is being organised by the Marine Products Export Development Authority(MPEDA).
  3. Addressing the session,Vice President said that India is the second largest fish producer in the world with a production of 13.70 million tonnes during 2018-19.
  4. India earns 10% of its total exports from fisheries.India is also the fourth largest exporter of fish in revenue terms.The contribution of fisheries to the Gross Domestic Product is about 1% and about 5.37% to the Agricultural GDP.
  5. However,India utilizes only about 40% of the available 2.36 million hectares of ponds and tanks for freshwater aquaculture and about 15% of a total potential brackish resource of 1.2 million hectares.
  6. Hence,there is a need to boost fish production to ensure food security to our population.
  7. MPEDA was constituted in 1972 under the Marine Products Export Development Authority Act,1972.It functions under the Department of Commerce,Government of India.
  8. It acts as a coordinating agency with different Central and State Government establishments engaged in fishery production and allied activities.
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