Daily Current Affairs for UPSC IAS Preparation- 9 PM Daily Brief

The idea behind 9 PM Daily Brief is to make aspirants aware of news articles from different newspapers bearing relevance to Civil Services Preparation.

Why do you need 9 PM Brief?

UPSC syllabus is rather indicative than exhaustive and needs a broader learning curve and regular updates. The aspirant needs to have a practical working knowledge of almost everything happening socially, politically, economically, geographically and historically.

News reading is an important aspect which supplements above mentioned criteria. The articles in newspaper are of relevance to any given civil services examination paper whether it be optional, essay, general studies or preliminary. Also, newspaper being dynamic in nature there is no difference in strategy of reading newspaper for a newcomer or an experienced aspirant. But does one really have time to sift through so many newspapers and even more number of articles on daily basis.

Hence, our editorial team tries to make task easier for you by sifting through 4 to 5 relevant newspapers skimming articles and presenting the details in a concise form. These entire articles briefed and brought together for the day that we call as 9 PM Daily Brief. You don’t need to look anywhere more for your daily news bytes.

Frequency: 9 PM Daily Brief comes on weekdays from Monday to Friday. The brief is not published on Saturdays and Sundays. The news byte for weekend can be found on the Monday.


9 PM Brief Daily Current Affairs List: (2020)

9 PM Brief: September 2020

9 PM Brief: August 2020

9 PM Brief: July 2020

9 PM Brief: June 2020


9 PM Brief: May 2020


9 PM Brief: April 2020

9 PM Brief: March 2020

9 PM Brief: February 2020

9 PM Brief: January 2020

9 PM Brief Daily Current Affairs List: (2019)

9 PM Brief: December 2019

9 PM Brief: November 2019

9 PM Brief: October 2019

9 PM Brief: September 2019

9 PM Brief: August 2019

9 PM Brief: July 2019

9 PM Brief: June 2019

9 PM Brief: May 2019

9 PM Brief: April 2019

9 PM Brief: March 2019

9 PM Brief: February 2019

9 PM Brief: January 2019

9 PM Brief Daily Current Affairs List: (2018)

9 PM Brief: December 2018

9 PM Brief: November 2018

9 PM Brief: October 2018

9 PM Brief: September 2018

9 PM Brief: August 2018

9 PM Brief: July 2018

9 PM Brief: June 2018

9 PM Brief: May 2018

9 PM Brief: April 2018

9 PM Brief: March 2018

9 PM Brief: February 2018

9 PM Brief: January 2018

9 PM Brief Daily Current Affairs List: (2017)

9 PM Brief: December 2017

9 PM Brief: November 2017

9 PM Brief: October 2017

9 PM Brief: September 2017

9 PM Brief : August 2017

9 PM Brief : July 2017

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