9 PM Current Affairs Brief – August 29th, 2018

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China’s ‘Type 002’ begins sea trials

China’s ‘Type 002’ begins sea trials


  1. Sea Trail by China “TYPE 002” aircraft carrier.

Important News:

2. TYPE 002 is China’s second aircraft carrier which started its second phase of sea trial.

3. Liaoning was the first Chinese warship brought from Ukraine.

4. Sea trails are important to confirm the functionality of new Ship system.

5. Second phase of sea trail will verify the carrier’s communication, navigation and other electronic and mechanical instruments.

6. Analyst says, the new warship could not prove to be a game changer as it appears similar to Liaoning.

7. The new carrier will have more fighter (24 to 30 J-15) loading capacity than Liaoning.

8. Both warships has an estimate displacement of 50,000 tonnes poorly compare with US aircraft carrier which has displacement of 85,000 tonnes.

9. TYPE 003 is also in the process of development in line of US Navy super carriers.

10. The new ship will be powered with nuclear engine.

11. It is estimated China will have 351 warships by 2020.

12. In the wake of development in warships U.S. military power will be further enhanced in the Indo-Pacific.

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Rohingya ask UN to deliver justice

Rohingya ask UN to deliver justice


  1. Rohingya leaders welcomed the order of investigation and prosecution againstMyanmar Leaders.

Important Facts:

2. Brutal attack by Military officers in Myanmar has led to migration of 7,00,00 Rohingya Muslims to Bangladesh.

3. Recently, United Nation fact finding mission has passed an order to investigate and prosecute Army Generals and five other senior officers involved intogenocide against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

4. Rohingya leaders in Bangladesh has welcomed the call and expecting United Nations ability to deliver justice.

5. Investigation agency has requested United Nation Security Council to either refer the case to International Criminal Court in Hague or create an ad-hoc tribunal.

6. Rohingya leader has urged United Nation to resolve the issues between Bangladesh and Myanmar to ensure their safe returns with dignity to Rakhine state.

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Pieces of the Asian dream

Pieces of the Asian dream


  1. Syed Munir Khasru, has talked about India’s strategies towards Asia-Pacific region.

Important Analysis:

2. Recently, Involvement of Indian PM in various dialogue and Summit has led to analysis of Indian strategy in Asia-Pacific region.

3. It also talks about what would be India strategy when China and USA are involved into geopolitical rivalry in Asia-Pacific region.

4. Increasing interest by both India and China in littoral states of Indo-Pacific region continue to impact sea corridors.

5. However Indian PM Speech in Singapore recently has shown India’s interest in Asia-Pacific region.

6. But how India’s stance will shape the international relation in this region is not clear.

7. Author’s View on role of India in Asia-Pacific region

  • India trying to influence through diplomatic, bilateral and military engagement.
  • India can influence their presence in the region by increasing engagement with ASEAN countries, developing friendship strategies with China, maintaining cordial ties with Russia, more engagement with USA and showing interest in Australia.
  • Concern is huge deficit in India’ trade with ASEAN when compared with China.
  • India has ignored its immediate neighbors in South-Asia like Nepal and Sri Lanka over China.
  • In 2015, India’s restriction in supply of fuel to Nepal and failed strategic intervention in Sri Lanka has undermined the India’s leadership.
  • India and Japan share already share strong Military ties.
  • Strong maritime partnership between India and Australia through 2+2 Dialogue.
  • To foster strong relations India can use its soft power through art and literature music and dance, cultural affinity through religious diversity and ancient ties and finally Diaspora which can help India in a long run.

8. Though India is considered friendly neighbor by many East-Asian countries, India needs to develop strong position using its soft power and Military presence against Chinese cash and hard power.

9. Author views on China’s role in Asia-Pacific Region

  • China trying to influence through investment in Littoral states as these states are infrastructure deficit.
  • Despite dispute in South-China Sea with these nations, China’s heavy investment in ASEAN bloc has brought these nation closer to China.
  • As a result of heavy investment of China in Cambodia (ASEAN country), Cambodia has refused to endorse joint statement against China’s ruling in South-China sea.
  • Currently, China is largest contributor of foreign aid in Cambodia and invested in dams, highways, oilfields and mining sector.
  • In 2016, Philippines has also strengthen ties with China for purchase of M4 rifles and Guns to fight against extremist only after US has refused to supply.
  • China has invested multibillion dollars in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka has also handed over its Hambantota port to China.
  • China has also promised billions to littoral states in Indian Ocean Region under Belt and Road initiative.

10. However this aggressive nature of China has pushed many countries in East and South-East Asia closed to India (e.g. Singapore and Indonesia)

11. Author’s view on India and China context

  • India’s willingness in joining (Boarder and Road Initiative) BRI can provide an opportunity for better evaluation of implication of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.
  • India can better lead and manage its own initiative like BBIN and BIMSTEC after having strong strategic plan with China.
  • With the help of China, India can gain influence in the region by providing regional connectivity.
  • During SCO summit China has also agreed to share data on Brahmaputra water which will help both countries in flood season.
  • On India’s demand protocol has been signed allowing India to export all varieties of Rice to China.
  • China has also promised trade target of 100 Billion Dollar with India by 2020.

12. Though China has plenty of resources, cash power and its assertive nature, India’s move and its ambition will develop in a particular way against China.

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SC finds audit of child shelters ‘frightening’

SC finds audit of child shelters ‘frightening’


  1. Supreme Court shows concern over preliminary report submitted by National Commission and Protection of Child rights.

Important Facts:

2. NCPCR is carrying out an audit of child care institutions (CCIs) and other bodies such as children homes, open shelters, observation homes, special homes, places of safety, and specialized adoption agencies under Juvenile Justice Act 2015.

3. Findings of the preliminary report of NCPCR.

  • Out of 2874 children’s home only 54 institutions could be given positive reviews.
  • Only 19 institutions have all the records of children they supposed to maintain out of 185 shelter homes.
  • Out of 203 special adoption agencies, only 8 have positive reviews.
  • When observation homes were audited only 16 % of 172 had all the records of children.
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SC questions second chance for those left out of NRC

SC questions second chance for those left out of NRC


  1. Center to provide second chance to gain citizenship to those who excluded from the Nation Registrar of Citizen of Assam earlier.

Important Facts:

2. Center government to allow claimant for Indian citizenship to change his legacy by submitting fresh document to gain Indian citizenship.

3. According to Standard operating procedure of center the claimant can submit document to prove his legacy from his grandfather.

4. Earlier legacy tree was established with father at the top and now the new move has included grandfather.

5. Supreme Court raises concern as government allows claiming legacy through any other person as it will require reverification of family tree.

6. Government in the beginning has said, claimant can submit the document only once to prove legacy.

7. Supreme Court has said by allowing the claimant second chance government move is contradicting.

8. Court has also directed Assam NRC coordinator to file a report on the consequences of government new proposal.

9. Supreme Court observed, asking for the fresh document suddenly at “claims and objection state” will spoil the arrangement.

10. Government argue it will provide a chance to those who risk losing their rights.

11. SC agreedit is a “human problem of huge magnitude” and should be given another chance.

12. NRC coordinator has also pointed the risk in “trading of legacies” (Legacy through any other person).

13. SC has asked State NRC coordinator to submit sample of re-verification copies.

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GS 3

Govt. scraps scientific panels, forms council

Govt. scraps scientific panels, forms council


  1. Government to bring Prime Minister’s Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STIAC).

Important News:

2. In a recent move, government has replaced two scientific advisory committee (SAC)for Prime Minister and Cabinet with 9 member PM-STIAC

3. The PM-STIAC will be chaired by the government’s Principal Scientific Advisor.

4. Member of the council include former and current member of Defence Research and Development Organization, Indian Space Research Organization Indian Institute of Science, Armed Forces Medical College, Indian Statistical Institute, Oklahoma State University, Princeton University and Baba Kalyani, MD, Bharat Forge.

5. Secretaries of various scientific ministries (such as environment, health and education) will be special invitees in the council.

6. Industry representatives were present in greater number in SAC as compared to lone member in PM-STAIC (Baba Kalyani, MD, Bharat Forge).

7. Earlier there was separate group to focus all the way from innovation to commercialization under Cabinet secretary and Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA).

8. The newly constituted body is expected to act as a high level advisory body to several ministries to execute programs.


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From unemployment to weaver shortage

From unemployment to weaver shortage


  1. Boom in powerloom industry in Sircilla textile town due to Bathukamma sarees.

Important News:

2. Telangana Government has placed bulk order for weaving 90 lakhs Bathukamma sarees.

3. Bathukamma sarees will be distributed during Bathukamma festival in October.

4. This move of the government has brought prosperity in Sircilla Textile Village.

5. Decade ago village once under immense pressure of unemployment, suicides and migration due to no work.

6. Powerlooms weaving Bathukamma sarees has increased from 6000 to 16000 and facing shortage of weavers.

7. Powerloom worker union has requested government to bring calendar scheduling to meet the requirement of demand.

8. Increase in Powerlooms are expected in the coming time from existing 16,000 to 20,000

9. Focus is on reducing time to produce sarees is also expected.

About Bathukamma:

  • Bathukamma is a festival celebrated by women with flowers that grow exclusively in each region. This festival is a symbol of Telangana’s cultural identity.
  • In Telugu, Bathukamma means ‘Mother Goddess come Alive’ and Goddess Maha Gauri-‘Life Giver’ is worshipped in the form of Bathukamma.
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India’s most polluted: 30% have no cleanup plan

India’s most polluted: 30% have no cleanup plan


  1. Central pollution Control Board shows concern over non-submission of climate plan.

Important Facts:

2. Most polluted cities in India are not showing interest to submit pollution mitigationplan.

3. Out of 102 polluted alarming cities, only 73 have submitted a plan to the CPCB.

4. Some cities has submitted the plan without timeline and considered incomplete.

5. Special focus are on “non-attainment cities”. These are marked out by CPCB and need to implement 42 measures as a part of National Clean Air Campaign (NCAP) to mitigate air pollution.

6. The non-attainment cities are those that have fail to maintain the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for over five years.

7. Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Nagpur and Jaipur are among the prominent cities yet to submit their plans.

8. The direction to mitigate pollution were initially sent to Delhi.

9. According to CPCB only 30 cities are ready to roll out with mitigation plan.

10. Important measurement include to control pollution related to

  • Vehicular emissions
  • Re-suspension of road dust and other fugitive emissions
  • Bio-mass
  • Municipal solid waste burning
  • Industrial pollution
  • Construction and demolition activities.

11. Aim is to cut over all pollution by 35 % in next three years in these cities.

12. National Clean Air Campaign (NCAP) to setup 1000 air quality monitoring stations and 268 automatic stations.

13. According to WHO, there are 14 Indian cities in most polluted global list. Delhi and Varanasi are on the top.

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