9 PM Current Affairs Brief – August 6th, 2018

Upcoming Current Affairs & Essay Test Series

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GS -2

Clarifying asylum

Clarifying asylum News: Recently, Eduador cut off Internet access to WikiLeaks Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange. Important facts: 2. In 2012, to avoid rape allegations, Mr . Assange skipped bail and entered the Ecuadorean embassy, where he has since remained protected by diplomatic asylum status. 3. While Swedish prosecutors have dropped their investigations, a U.K. judge refused… Continue reading Clarifying asylum

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GS- 3

‘Solar duty may do more harm than good’

‘Solar duty may do more harm than good’ News: Recently, the government decided to impose a safeguard duty on the import of solar cells from China and Malaysia. Important facts: 2. The government implemented a 25% safeguard duty on solar cell imports from China and Malaysia for the period between July 30, 2018 and July… Continue reading ‘Solar duty may do more harm than good’

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Anatomy of an outbreak

Anatomy of an outbreak Article:  R.Prasad, author, discussed how Congo learnt from the 2014 Ebola crisis and what measures is adopting in dealing with current crisis. Important facts: 2. The Democratic Republic of Congo noticed Ebola cases once again this year. 3. Last time the virus was discovered in 1976. 4. Although, the WHO announced… Continue reading Anatomy of an outbreak

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Change gears

Change gears News: The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, facing opposition in the Rajya Sabha. Important facts: 2. The Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha last year. 3. The subject is included in the Concurrent list; Parliament can make a law defining powers available to the States. 4. Key changes in the  Bill : The… Continue reading Change gears

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