9 PM Current Affairs Brief – January 7, 2019

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spatial development in India

spatial development in India Article: The article discusses the lopsided spatial development across Indian cities. Analysis: India’s high economic growth in past few years has been characterized by unequal, skewed industrialization and infrastructural development across Indian cities, with clusters of economic activity concentrated in a few highly dense megacities. Unlike in China, Europe and the… Continue reading spatial development in India

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Defence manufacturing rules eased

Defence manufacturing rules eased News: Licensing process to be simplified for private industry to build a range of defence and aerospace equipment. Important Facts: It is to be done by bringing them under the licensing authority of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP). Items are listed in three categories — defence aircraft, warships… Continue reading Defence manufacturing rules eased

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Legal status for SSC

Legal status for SSC News: Statutory status to the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) recommended by Parliamentary Committee. Important Facts: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and all State Public Service Commission’s either have constitutional however the SSC is the only such organisation that performs similar functions does not enjoy statutory status. The SSC was created… Continue reading Legal status for SSC

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India’s Atlantic challenge

India’s Atlantic challenge News: Trump’s America First policy and the Brexit deal could pose more challenges to economic growth in India Important Facts: Why Disadvantage to India U.S protectionism Factor: In the context of protectionism, U.S. President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policy could lead to more tariff and subsidy burden. The trade experience of 2018… Continue reading India’s Atlantic challenge

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Pashtun factor

Pashtun factor Article: Article discuss about how India should develop its policy toward Pashtun in Afghanistan in anticipation of American withdrawal. Important Facts: The war in Afghanistan began in October 2001 with the goal of defeating Al Qaeda and removing the Taliban government, which allowed the terror group led by Osama bin Laden to operate… Continue reading Pashtun factor

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Tahawwur Rana extradition

Tahawwur Rana extradition News: Delay in extradition of Tahawwur Rana, a key accused in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. Important Facts: Rana, was arrested in 2009, for providing material support to terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), which planned and executed the attacks and currently serving a 14-year prison term in the U.S. Under India-U.S. Extradition Treaty… Continue reading Tahawwur Rana extradition

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West Bengal tribal battling food scarcity: study

West Bengal tribal battling food scarcity: study News: Food scarcity caused death of seven persons from a tribal community in West Bengal. Important Facts: The study titled ‘An Inquiry into the world of the Adivasis of West Bengal’, has identified “food scarcity in varying degrees” in about 31% of tribal households in West Bengal. West… Continue reading West Bengal tribal battling food scarcity: study

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Rare Disease

Rare Disease News: Children losing their life due lack of action on implementing the National Policy on Rare Diseases. Important Facts: What are Rare Diseases?             A rare disease is a health condition which has a low prevalence and affects a small number of people. Rare diseases include genetic diseases, rare cancers, infectious tropical diseases and… Continue reading Rare Disease

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Banks get a breather on bad loans

Banks get a breather on bad loans News: Decline in Indian banks’ bad loan crisis as per RBI’s latest financial stability report. Important Facts: India’s financial system remains stable, and the banking sector shows signs of improvement, even though the global economic environment and the emerging trends in financial sector pose challenges. Financial Institutions: Performance… Continue reading Banks get a breather on bad loans

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