9 PM Daily Current Affairs Brief – October 3, 2017

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India and Djibouti’s geopolitical scrum: 

India and Djibouti’s geopolitical scrum: Context Indian President Ram Nath Kovind’s first visit abroad to Djibouti and Ethiopia suggests India’s realization of geopolitical significance of a region, the Horn of Africa. Who all are the constituents of the Horn? The four different states constituting the Horn —   Somalia,   Ethiopia,   Eritrea and   … Continue reading “India and Djibouti’s geopolitical scrum: “

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Justice Rohini to head sub-categorisation panel: 

Justice Rohini to head sub-categorisation panel: Context President Ram Nath Kovind appointed a commission to examine the sub-categorisation of other backward classes(OBC) to ensure that more backward among the communities can access the benefits of reservation About Sub-categorisation panel It is a 5 member panel headed by retired Chief justice of Delhi high court G.Rohini … Continue reading “Justice Rohini to head sub-categorisation panel: “

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Chauvinist winds over India: 

Chauvinist winds over India: Context Debates over refugees, the right to dissent, or gender violence, suggest that India is becoming a nation devoid of compassion for those who are persecuted. What is our stance on Rohingya? Government in the Supreme Court is defending its decision to deport Rohingya refugees. Intelligence agencies say Rohingya are a … Continue reading “Chauvinist winds over India: “

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The fiscal myth: 

The fiscal myth: Overview Slow growth in the last few quarters, with growth in GDP dropping to 5.7% has led to speculation that the government might resort to increased spending to boost economy. While there has been no official announcement of a fiscal stimulus yet, government is looking at ways to revive the economy. Many … Continue reading “The fiscal myth: “

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Powerful challenge: 

Powerful challenge: Context 2017 witnessed electrification of nearly 14,500 villages but the problem of power connection taints this achievement. What are the challenges? The government’s record is sullied by the fact that reportedly more than a fourth of the households in the “electrified villages” do not have a power connection. How to tackle the problem … Continue reading “Powerful challenge: “

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The cost of electricity: 

The cost of electricity: Context: How can electricity be made affordable, reliable and secure What are the levels of the cost of electricity? The cost of electricity can be divided into plant-level costs, grid-level costs, and other costs Plant-level costs consist of capital, operation and maintenance, and fuelling cost For nuclear power plants, capital cost … Continue reading “The cost of electricity: “

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Tackling the economic slowdown: 

Tackling the economic slowdown: Brief Overview In the background of a slowdown in economic growth for five consecutive years, the author of this article makes a case for greater public investments in infrastructure. Why is growth important The government needs tax revenues to supply public goods and services. These tax revenues depend upon national income. … Continue reading “Tackling the economic slowdown: “

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Premium trains run with empty seats: 

Premium trains run with empty seats: Context Railway minister piyush goyal announce reviewing of flexi fares scheme by public transporter About Flexi fare scheme Came into effect on september 2016 First 10% of the seat is booked at the regular fare. thereafter , the fare increases by 10% with every 10% of the seats booked … Continue reading “Premium trains run with empty seats: “

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