AWFG 2.0 Noticeboard

AWFG 2.0 Notice Board for CSE 2021

Welcome to Answer Writing Focus Group for CSM 2021!This is the permanent page / noticeboard for all important notifications regarding AWFG 2.0

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  1. About AWFG Program – Announcement Article Link
  2. List of Selected Candidates – Link | PDF Results
  3. Test Calendar – Visit here –
  4. AWFG 21 Discussion Link – Click here
  5. AWFG Channel –      Link  ( Please join to receive email updated on the program )
  6. AWFG Good Copies Link:Click Here


Update on 22 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 12 Ranklist: Click Here

Update on 21 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Week 3 Ranklist:- Click Here
  2. AWFG Test 11 Renklist:- Click Here

Update on 20 June, 2021

Dear Students,

Due to some technical issues, Ranklist of AWFG 2.0 – Week 3 will be published tomorrow (21/06/2021) by 4 PM. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wishing you Sucess,

Update on 18 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 10 Results:- Click Here

Update on 17 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 9 Results:- Click Here

Update on 16 June, 2021

Dear all,
Following the requests/ suggestions received, we shall be implementing One line feedback for AWFG copies from upcoming tests on an experimental basis. This is different from the close and detailed evaluation of MGP.

It is being done on a trial basis, and can be withdrawn without prior notice depending upon the feedback, and subject to speed of grading the copies with the purpose of timely results declaration.


Update on 15 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 8 Results:- Click Here

Update on 14 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 7 Results:-Click Here

Update on 13 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Week 2 Ranklist:-Click Here

Update on 12 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 6 Results:- Click Here

Update on 10 June, 2021

Due to unavoidable circumstances, the AWFG Test #6 scheduled on Friday June11, is rescheduled to June 12, Saturday at 8AM followed by discussion.

  1. AWFG Test 5 Results:-Click Here

Update on 08 June, 2021

  1. AWFG Test 4 Results:- Click Here

Update on 07 June, 2021

1. Important update:-

This is to inform you that copies between 9:30 AM – 10 AM will be strictly awarded penalty marks of -0.5

Copies will not be accepted on portal or email after 10 AM.

This will reflect in the daily scorecard w.e.f. Tuesday, 8 June, 2021.

We hope that you will understand and cooperate.

2.  AWFG batch students that can check the status of your uploaded copies in

3. AWFG Test 3 Result:- Click Here

Update on 06 June, 2021

AWFG Week 1 Results:- Click Here

Update on 04 June, 2021

AWFG Test 1 Result:- Click Here

AWFG Test 2 Result:-Click Here

Good Copies Link- Click Here

Update on 03 June, 2021

Instructions to Copy upload in the portal-Please make sure you all are submitting the copies in a right format-

  1. You need to scan the front page containing all important information —Name, Roll Number, Email id, Test name/number.
  2. All the pages of the Copies should be in portrait mode, not in landscape mode. They should be in a single PDF file only.
  3. You have to scan all the pages properly.
  4. Also please mark the question number properly which you’re attempting.
  5. If the above criteria are not fulfilled, copies will be rejected

Update on 02 June, 2021

  1. Revised Generic Booklet here:
  2. AWFG 2.0 – Good Copies here:
  3. Instructions on how to write AWFG 2.0 tests:
  4. There are 10 Questions in this Question paper. You must attempt any 7 out of 10 questions.  You must attempt at least one case study.
  5. Important – You must upload the QCA booklet/Answer copy on the portal latest by 9:30 AM. QCA booklets/Answer copies must contain the Name, Roll Number, Mobile Number, email and test number on the front page.  After 9:30AM, there will be a grace period of 30 minutes till 10AM. Copies received during the grace period will have a penalty deduction of -0.5 from the RIS Score ( out 10) . Copies received after 10AM will not be graded. Discussion classes for the test will take place at 10.00 AM. 

Update on 31 May, 2021

You will be receiving your Entrance Test copies today by 1AM. Answers of your test paper is graded on a scale of 1 to 10. A total is drawn and the total is divided by 7 to get your relative indicative score. Grading on 1 to 10 is not indicative of actual marking.