A Five-Year Plan To Restore About 1.4k Acres Of Aravalis

Source: Times of India

What is the news?

The Forest department is planning a conservation programme to restore the natural habitat of Gurugram Aravalis. Around 1400 acres of forest land between Gaurangpur and Gairatpur Bas will be restored over five years.

What will be done under the 5-year project?
  • Assessment study- An assessment of local vegetation and wildlife will be carried out.
  • Restoration – Native species will be planted accordingly and area will be fenced.
  • Maintenance-Regular inspections and maintenance will be conducted to restore forest area
  • Water Recharge- Several waterbodies will be created and maintained for wildlife and to recharge water table. 
Threats to Arawali –
  • Proximity to densely populated urban clusters of Gurugram and neighboring areas.
  • Rampant illegal construction and mining.
  • Fragmentation of natural habitats due to roads and increase in traffic
Why protecting Aravali is important-
  • It is home to a wealth of wildlife, including leopards, striped hyenas and civet cats.
  • The large scale forest cover also helps maintain ecological balance.
  • It protects critical water aquifers for Delhi NCR, which is a semi-arid zone.
  • The area also includes several patches of natural dry deciduous and scrub forests

Conclusion: It is a habitat for numerous endangered mammals and bird species. The plan for its restoration is an ideal step towards maintaining ecological balance

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