A helping hand in the time of natural calamities

  1. The Ganjam District Disaster Response Forum (GDRF) has been a major relief force during natural calamities, like the recent cyclone Fani, in the Ganjam district of Odisha.
  2. GDRF is a joint front of 47 NGOs. The forum assists the administration in making vulnerable and areas in the district disaster resilient. It also helps in carrying out rescue and relief operations in the event of a disaster.
  3. GDRF volunteers have direct contact with people living in remote and vulnerable areas. They help the administration in evacuation of people to safe places before any cyclone.
  4. The volunteers also report about losses to the local revenue officials. This is because in most cyclone prone coastal villages, literacy rate is low and inhabitants find it hard to report their losses to administration.
  5. Members of the GDRF also monitor cyclone preparedness in slums of Berhampur city. Further, they help ensure basic amenities at cyclone shelters

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