A Planetary adjustment

News: Over the years it has widely proposed and accepted proposition that humanity is in the Anthropocene era and are acting like a geological force that is shaping the planet’s destiny. 

However, this gives the distorted sense that it is the ‘planet’ that needs protection rather than the people. 

Why we need to save people and not planet? 

Climate change leads to earth rearranging itself, it does so in a manner that can be destructive and lethal to those least responsible for causing the disequilibrium. 

For example: Recently, Uttarakhand saw an avalanche of rock and ice destroy two hydropower projects and cause deaths.  

This is despite the fact that the geology of the Himalayas makes the region inhospitable to large mega-engineering projects and the several floods, landslides, and earthquakes over the years have underlined this time and again.  

What have been the causes behind these major changes in the climate of the earth? 

Atmospheric changes visible now are a result of the Industrial Age and the use of fossil fuels.

Although in both these eras it was the poor who have suffered the most. They are the ones with the least agency to shield themselves from these hostile changes. 

Why India’s stand on climate justice and its actions are paradoxical to each other? 

India’s position on climate justice is that it cannot be denied the right to rely on fossil fuel to enhance the living conditions of most Indians who have limited access to reliable energy.  

India’s commitment to net-zero is also very far into the future at 2070.  

We should be very cautious that our policies do not put the lives of millions people at risk in the pursuit of economic development. 

Source: This post is based on the article “A Planetary adjustment” published in The Hindu on 18th Feb 2022   

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