A proposal that has stirred up questions of IAS control

News: The Union Government proposal to amend IAS Cadre Rules has attracted the opposition of various states.

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What is All India Services?

IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Services comes in the list of AIS. According to P.S. Appu, these services play a pivotal role in holding the country which holds great diversity. Members appointed to these services stand by the constitution and gave fearless advice to the politicians.

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Why did centre propose the amendments to the deputation of cadre officers?
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Why did state governments oppose the proposed amendments?

Trust deficit: Officers often caught in the political battles, raised issues like who really controls members of Indian bureaucracy and raised the trust deficit between centre and states.

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What should be done to resolve the problem?

First, Cadre and career planning should be scientific and future-looking.

Second, Each officer should be motivated to work at the centre and this process should be included in the induction training itself.

Third, The list of the officers who are to be deputed should be finalized in the annual joint exercise between the states and the centre.

Source: This post is based on the article “A proposal that has stirred up questions of IAS control” published in Livemint on 27th January 2022.

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