IAS Rank 10 Abhishek Surana : Download GS Mains Papers

Dear Friends,

We are happy to release the MGP Copies of our student Abhishek Surana, who has secured Rank 10 in the Civil Services Examination 2017.

He has also written this letter to us.

In my experience he had a meticulous approach to answer writing introducing good value addition in content,  appropriate use of diagrams and compartmentalizing answers by answering all parts of questions with the best content visibility.

Download Links

Abhishek Surana 12C

Abhishek Surana 5C

Abhishek Surana 8C

Admissions to MGP are closed now and intake will be limited based on first come first serve basis. Admissions will commence from May 15th.

MGP Students  who have been unable to make it either in the final list or have not gotten ranks as per their expectation and caliber are required to reach out to us  immediately after Prelims so that we can accommodate them on a priority basis.

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