ForumIAS is not created by one person. It reflects the cumulative hard work and voluntary contribution  done by tens of thousands of its members over the years.

Founding Members

ForumIAS was founded in 2011, for the internal use of Ayush  ( who coded it ), Lingraj ( who bore with it ) , Shaleen ( who contributed as the first IAS officer from the community ) , Akshat (who suggested the name ForumIAS ) and Aditi ( who co-created ForumIAS’s first Test Series )

Creator of ForumIAS

ForumIAS has been created by you.

Every time you write something, you create ForumIAS. Word by word.

Top Contributors

Top Contributors to ForumIAs include members like @robinolds @partho @alexiaicha @neyawn @crazyphoton @etat @DrKingSchultz @Neanderthal @JohnSnow


ForumIAS adopted its logo in 2013. It was designed with vital inputs from Devranjan Mishra, IRS . You can say hello to him here

Successful Members

ForumIAS has over 4000+ members who got selected in the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Forest Service, Indian Police Service and Indian Foreign Service and other allied Services.

Some of our most successful members are

  • Gaurav Aggarwal  ( ForumIAS , Facebook ) – The Most Helpful IAS Topper ever. He is the to Civil Services what Shah Rukh Khan is to Bollywood. He once published his answer on ForumIAS after the Mains. People said, you will get Rank 1 if you wrote such answers. Five months later , he did secure Rank 1.
  • Ira Singhal ( ForumIAS, Facebook ) The vivacious IAS Rank 1 of 2013 was a known as dottydorothy on the forum.
  • Jogmohan Meena ( ForumIAS, Facebook ) : He was the first IPS officer from the Forum. All old timers who prepared for IAS during 2009 – 2012 know the name as “robinolds”
  • Sitanshu Chaurasiya ( ForumIAS, Facebook ) : He is our first Indian Foreign Service ( IFS ) officer. He serves as Third Secretary in Paris.
  • Dr. Shaleen ( ForumIAS, Facebook ) : He was the first ForumIAS member to clear the exam and get Indian Administrative Service. Known as “valkyrie724” on the Forum, he wrote the most comprehensive blog on preparing for Medical Science Optional. You can vie his blog here


The first code for ForumIAS was written in December of 2011 by Ayush Sinha, forking an Open Source Software.

You can view the evolution of the website on the wayback machine by clicking here .