Our Mission – Massive Learning Initiative

We at ForumIAS are drive by our mission of Massive Learning Initiative ( MLI ), whereby we plans to enable access to learning tools and content – to millions  of people from all over the country across all sections of the society.

Massive Open Learning Initiative ( MOLI ) is foundational to our MLI, as education should be available to all even though it may not be affordable by all.

Through our MOLI initiative, we plan to run free and low cost initiatives, courses, events and sessions to enable the largest possible sections of society to participate in the competition for most coveted positions in the country, without any disability of location or affordability.

We plan to reach out to 5 million people by 2020 across different segments of graduate level competitive examinations to commence with. This would mean, we would be keen to invest in, partner with or acquire people, technology, and companies working on similar lines.