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SFG : How it works!

Congratulations of being selected for the SFG / RLG! You shall commence with the Program from December 3rd. As of now, the top 100 candidates have been selected for SFG and a tentative Reserve List Group has been created. You will be having tests about 5 days a week at 7AM. The Tests will beRead Full Article

SFG Results + Answer Key / Ranklist of Students Selected for SFG and RLG

Dear Friends, The wait is finally over . This year we saw  the competition even higher than last year at the SFG Entrance Test , with candidates scoring more than 110 in a paper that tested knowledge, speed, decision making. Please read this post carefully which will give you some more clarity on conducting theRead Full Article

List of 100 Students selected for SFG – Names and Roll Number

List of Top 100 Students selected for SFG for CSE 2019. There is a separate list for RLG Students ( Reserve List Group ) . All candidates have been informed by email and SMS.   +——+———————-+————+ | Rank | Name | Roll No. | +——+———————-+————+ | 1 | MAMILLA HEMANTHA | 1910040397 | +——+———————-+————+ |Read Full Article

Important Terms and Conditions for SFG / RLG -CSE 2019

This course is a set of Test Papers being provided on a good faith basis and is not a Test Series or a service by ForumIAS. There will be no refund for fees paid. * This course rewards and eliminates candidates for non-performance and absence from program. This has to be taken in the right spirit for the overall successful conduction of the program. *Read Full Article

Reminder: Meet for Interview (and post-Mains) preparation, today (2nd Nov | Friday) at 5 PM

Dear Friends, We meet today at 5 PM at ForumIAS for Interview Preparation and Post Mains Guidance Plan. Do not miss it. Especially if you have appeared for the interview before, or if you do not know how to get started. It will not be general blah blah, and it should push you in theRead Full Article