Access to Andamans eased

Access to Andamans eased


  1. Recently, the Union Home Ministry decided to lift restrictions on foreigners to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands chain.

Important facts:

2. The step was taken to boost tourism sector.

3. After lifting the restrictions, now foreigners can visit 29 inhabited islands without Restricted Areas Permit(RAP).

4. The 29 inhabited islands have been excluded from the restricted area permit notified under the Foreigners (Restricted Areas) order, 1963, till Dec 31, 2022, subject to certain conditions.

5. However, few countries are excluded from these restrictions such as:

6. Citizens of Afghanistan, China, and Pakistan would continue to require RAP.

7. For visiting Mayabunder and Diglipur, citizens of Myanmar will continue to require RAP, which shall be issued only with prior approval of the Ministry

8. To protect the environment and marine resources without affecting tourism, the Union Territory will follow the guidelines of Environment and Forest Ministry.

9. Separate approval of the competent authority would be required for visiting reserved forests, wildlife sanctuaries, and tribal reserves.

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