Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates likely to be inducted in next three years  

Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates likely to be inducted in next three years  


An Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356) guided missile stealth frigates is likely to be inducted into the Indian Navy in next 3 years

Important Facts:


India and Russia had signed a contract for transfer of technology for the construction of four Admiral Grigorovich-class (Project 11356) stealth frigates

About Stealth Frigates

  1. Frigates are medium sized warships with a mixed armament. They generally perform Protection of Shipping (POS) roles.
  2. Frigates are specialized in a particular role; for example:
  • Guided Missile Frigates (where they will be carrying cruise missiles or Surface-to-Air Missiles)
  • Anti-Submarine Frigates (where they will be equipped with improved sonars to detect enemy submarines and weapons such as Depth Charges, Torpedoes and Anti-Submarine Rockets).

3.Stealth technology: Stealth is any military technology intended to make vehicles or missiles nearly invisible to enemy radar or other electronic detection

About Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates

  1. Admiral Grigorovich-class frigates are armed with A-190 100mm artillery guns, strike missile and air defence systems, including Kalibr and Shtil complexes and torpedo tubes
  2. They can perform against surface ships and submarines as well as air targets.
  3. The frigates for India will be outfitted with India’s BrahMos supersonic cruise missile system.

About BrahMos:

1. BrahMos is a supersonic medium-range cruise missile that can be launched from sea, land and air. It is a two-stage missile, with a solid-fuelled first stage to bring it to supersonic speed.
2. It is manufactured in Hyderabad by BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture between India’s DRDO and Russia’s NPO Mashinostroeyenia.
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