Afghans can enter India now only on e-visas

Source: The Hindu

What is the News?

The Government of India has said that all Afghan nationals must travel to India only on a special e-Visas issued by the Government of India. 

What is the decision taken by the Government of India?

  1. The Government of India has cancelled all previously issued visas to Afghan nationals who are presently not in the country.
  2. It has announced that all Afghans must enter India now only on special e-visas applied online. 
  3. Such special e-visas may be granted only with a single entry and for the specific duration, taking into account the purpose of visit.

Earlier Process:

  1. Earlier, the e-Visa facility was not available to Afghans as Afghanistan comes under the Prior Reference Category (PRC) of countries for grant of visa which means Afghan nationals have to be cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) for any visit. 
  2. Others in this category include nationals of Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and stateless persons.
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