All-India Household Consumer Expenditure Survey: After a hiatus, household consumer spending survey to resume in July

What is the News?

The All-India Household Consumer Expenditure Survey is set to resume this year after a prolonged break.

What is the Consumer Expenditure Survey?

Conducted by: National Statistical Office (NSO) every 5 years.

Aim: To collect information on the consumption spending patterns of households across the country, both urban and rural. 

The data gathered in this exercise reveals the average expenditure on goods (food and non-food) and services. The data helps to generate estimates of household Monthly Per Capita Consumer Expenditure(MPCE) as well as the distribution of households and persons over the MPCE classes.

How is the survey useful?

The data from the survey was used to arrive at estimates of poverty levels in different parts of the country and to review economic indicators like the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) since 2011–12. 

Why was the Consumer Expenditure Survey stopped?

In 2019, the Government had decided not to release the results of the all-India Household Consumer Expenditure Survey conducted during 2017-2018 citing data quality issues.

The government had said that it was examining the feasibility of conducting the next Survey after incorporating all data quality refinements in the survey process recommended by an expert panel that examined the discrepancies in the 2017–18 results.

Hence, the next Consumer Expenditure Survey is expected to be completed by 2023.

Source: This post is based on the article After a hiatus, household consumer spending survey to resume in Julypublished in The Hindu on 24th April 2022

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