“AmbiTAG”- India’s First Indigenous Temperature Data Logger

What is the News?

Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar(IIT Ropar) in Punjab has developed a device named AmbiTag.

 About AmbiTag:

  • AmbiTag is the first-of-its-kind Internet of Things(IoT) device. The device will be helpful in following areas. They are: secure transportation of vaccines, blood and body organs, perishable products (food and dairy) among others.
  • How does the device work?
    • The device records real-time ambient temperature during the transportation of perishable products, vaccines, and even body organs and blood.
    • The recorded temperature helps to know whether that particular item transported from anywhere in the world is still usable or perished because of temperature variation.
  • Developed under: AWaDH (Agriculture and Water Technology Development Hub) and its Startup ScratchNest developed the device.
    • AWaDH is a research center at IIT Ropar. Established with support from the Department of Science and Technology(DST) and the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB). It carries out extensive research in the field of agriculture and water.
  • Significance:
    • AmbiTAG is India’s first indigenous temperature data logger for the cold chain management
    • Moreover, the device is also particularly critical for vaccines including the Covid-19 vaccine, organs, and blood transportation.

Source: PIB

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