Andhra Pradesh CM launches Nadu-Nedu programme

News: Andhra Pradesh CM has launched the ‘Nadu-Nedu’ programme. He has also announced that the government will introduce another scheme called ‘Amma Vodi’


About Nadu-Nedu Programme:

  • Aim:Transform government schools into vibrant and competitive institutions.
  • Objectives:
    • Introduce English medium from classes 1 to 6 in state-run schools from next academic year
    • Transform all government schools with the required infrastructure and up-gradation of skills
    • Provide basic amenities like clean environs, furniture, toilets, running water, compound wall, blackboard, renovation and involve parent committee.
  • In the first phase, the Nadu-Nedu programme will be implemented in 15,715 schools. It will cover all schools in three years under a budget of Rs 12,000 cores.

Additional Information:

Amma Vodi:

  • The scheme will be launched in January 2020. It seeks to provide incentives to mothers who send their children to school and continue their education till class 12.
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