ANNOUNCEMENT : Answer Writing Focus Group for Mains 2019 | Entrance Test on Saturday 9 AM, June 8

Dear Friends,

We shall be commencing with the Answer Writing Focus group for Mains 2019 from June 12th, 2019. This is the second year of the Answer Writing Group , which was conducted successfully last year.

Our students including Anand Sharma have prevailed upon us to continue it for the second year, since they were able to benefit immensely from it last year.

( Dr. Anand has also promised us that he will be taking up a seminar on how to best use time after Prelims and use the AWG best, since he was able to secure a rank 62 last year and get his dream service – IAS, much because of regular answer writing in this group 🙂 @Anand you can confirm by commenting at the bottom of this post, since you have not been to able to come up with a strategy article anyway  😛 )

So here is the thing, we shall hold an entrance test for the same on Saturday at 9AM at ForumIAS OGC, New Delhi for the same. The list of selected students will be out by Sunday 5PM. 

How does this work?

We shall be conducting AWG Tests on Monday, Wednesday, Friday ( M, W, F ) . The Test calendar will follow the MGP schedule of MGP 2019 Batch D which commences from June 16th .  ( Click here to download the MGP Batch D brochure ) The program is open to all candidates, but preference will be given to our MGP students in the selection process. Other candidates will not be allowed to be a part of the program.

Test Papers will be released every M, W, F at 2PM and candidates are expected to write it strictly between 2PM – 5PM depending on their time slot. We are trying to provide flexibility to students to write the tests, and complete modalities will be released soon. However, tests have to be written on the same day. No Test Papers and solutions will be provided to students who miss the tests on the designated days.


Duration of the Program

The program will commence from June 12th  ( Wednesday ) – 3 days in a week and will end on August 16th ( Friday ) . It will have a total of about 25-30 Tests that will cover the entire syllabus at least one month before the Mains examination, spread over 10 weeks. In the first week we shall have two Tests and subsequent weeks we shall have 3 tests / week.

( Some of you suggested to finish it before Prelims results, but it is not possible for first timers to finish the syllabus that fast )


Registration, Admissions & Fees Structure

Admissions to the AWG will be by way of an entrance test that will be conducted on Saturday, at 9AM, June 8, 2019. The registration fee for the same is Rs. 500/- 

You can visit this link to register for the same.

Please note that no information regarding the program will be available at the Offline Center and information dissemination will only be via the blog.

The fees of the program have been kept as last year to 1100/- per month. However, the fees will have to be paid in a single installment of Rs. 3300 ( inclusive of all taxes ). 

Fees will only have to be paid by students selected for the program.

Please note that this program is only available to students of Mains Guidance Program ( MGP ) of any Batch and any Year and CGP /FFP Program Students.

How is AWG different from MGP?

AWG is an answer writing practice group wherein you practice to write upto 7-8 questions within 45-60 minutes. It is NOT a full-fledged test series and it does NOT replace the MGP – which are 3-hour duration test. While MGP has both evaluation, mentorship and classroom discussions, AWG provides questions paper, a good peer group, detailed solutions. It does NOT provide evaluation and / or mentorship.

However, they provide a great framework for covering the syllabus fully and quickly, practice of writing answers and timely completion of syllabus. 

It also provides a good framework for paper discussion with friends and peers and we recommend forming groups and for the same.

Click below to register for the AWG Test

About the AWG Entrance Test ( Date : June 8 )

  • The entrance will be conducted on Saturday at 9AM, June 9. Admissions to the AWG will not take place without writing the entrance test.
  • The registration for the entrance Test shall commence from 5PM, June 5, 2019 and will close on 7th June at 5PM. Registration will be done in Online Mode only.
  • Entrance Test will be of 1 hour duration , and will test the comprehension skills, problem solving skills, general awareness and basic writing skills of the candidate. It will require no separate preparation apart from having read the Hindu newspaper from May 25th – June 5th, from which some questions can be expected.
  • The results for the Entrance Test shall be provided by Sunday 5PM,  June 9. Admissions must be completed by Monday  1:30PM before the commencement of the AWG Test 1

For any queries, please reach out to or leave comments here in the comments box.

Important Dates & Factsheet

  • Registration Commences : 5PM, June 5, 2019 ( Wednesday )
  • Registration Ends : 5PM, June 7 , 2019 ( Friday )
  • Registration Mode & Link : Click here | Online Only 
  • AWG Important Updates Noticeboard : 
  • Fee Payment Link : Will be activated by Sunday 11AM, June 9
  • AWG Test – 1 : June 12, 2019



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