[Announcement] Current Affairs Compilation for Prelims 2018

Dear Friends,

ForumIAS will be coming up with a Current Affairs compilation for Prelims  exclusively. The idea behind the compilation is that it must contain information ONLY that is relevant for Prelims and eliminate the garbage.

It will exclude everything from which a question in Prelims cannot be asked based on the past 10 year trend.

( We will come up with a separate compilation for Mains – which will be issue based )

What are we trying to solve through this compilation?

The problem with current magazines is that they are bulky, trying to cover everything – from prelims to Mains to Interview.

While for Prelims, we need primarily key facts and concepts/ideas. For example, if there is a Gender Gap Report, the key facts relevant for Prelims Point of view are

  • Who published the report
  • India’s Rankings
  • At max, China, Bangaldesh Ranking and Top Rank #1
  • Dimensions on the basis of which ranking is done
  • Any one or two unique facts in the report

But magazine compilations usually have deep analysis and all that which we, as students think

  • May come in Prelim with 1% probability , or
  • May be useful in Mains, or
  • Must do because of complete knowlegde

First, The truth is that 1% probability does not convert into actual question appearing in the exam

Second, Mains preparation has to be issue based, and not based on such news reporting , and most importantly for all practical purposes,we are never able to quote data from the vast amount of material that we read – because of lack of mains – orientedness before the Prelims.

Third, such knowledge is good, but does not help one clear the exam. It also creates a clutter in the mind.

Lastly, this year for us, at ForumIAS, we have pledged to make “focus” a central theme of everything that we do.

So you should see that we shall cut down on a lot of redundant content that is being created – and replace it with ONE source which  – to some – extend  , solve the problem for aspirants.


P.S. You will love what you get for Prelims this year from us. If you have cleared 3-4 Mains, you will immediately realize that this is what is badly needed.

P.P.S. The monthly Prelims Factly compilations are being done backwards – from December to May 2017 and then from Jan to April.

This will help us reduce a lot of redundancy in content that you see. For example, a triple Talaq issue that is repeated across 5 months magazine, because magazines cover issues as they come – will be appearing only once, having all the latest developments from which questions can come.

Lot of issues die down and become irrelevant as time passes. Doing the magazine backwards in time will help us eliminate all such information which has been covered in later months as the issue reaches finality, and keep the magazine focused and to the point. It will also have less pages 🙂

P.S. The Monthly compilation will cover the duration from May – June 2017 to April 2018.

And this will be our new year gift to you. 🙂

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