ANNOUNCEMENT : Current Affairs ( GS 2 & 3 ) + Answer Writing For Mains 2019 | Online + Offline

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you that we shall be commencing with the Current Affairs ( GS 2 & 3 ) + Answer Writing for Mains 2019. These classes will be available in both Online and Offline mode as per schedule mentioned below.

The Focus of the Current Affairs Classes will be

  • Content Building for GS Mains 2 & 3
  • Content Differentiation so that you are able to improve your marks
  • Coverage of more than 250+ issues in class important for Mains 2019
  • Crisp and Concise Handouts for each issue

About the Course

The Course will have 25-30 sessions each of 3 hours duration. The Content will be drawn from multiple newspapers, magazines, journals, PIB and several books. Focus will be on content differentiation and value addition which is crucial for improving marks in GS Paper 2 & 3. The important evolving issues for past 2 years will be taken up in the class.

Previous Review & Feedback

Classes have been designed in a manner such that value addition is done for both complete beginners as well as experienced candidates. Classroom Students of ForumIAS Current Affairs Class have secured Rank 5 & 10 in CSE 2018 and Rank 7 – Varun, Rank 13 – Varnit Negi, Rank 27 – Saloni Khemka, Rank 35 – Minal Karanwal apart from popular ForumIAS Members like IWRAΒ  and Yo_Yo_Choti_Singh πŸ™‚ who have given us favourable feedback after the class – so you can bank on us πŸ™‚

Offline Class Timings & Durations | 24th June | 5 PM

Classes will be held two days in a week on Monday & Tuesday at 5PM. Each class will be of 3 hours duration. After the Prelims Results, Classes may be held three days in a week. Offline Classes will commence from 24th June.

Online Class Timings & Durations | 6th JulyΒ 

Online Classes will be uploaded every Saturday and Sunday , starting 6th of July, by 9AM. Schedule will be provided to students as and when course commences.

Sample Notes / Handouts from Class

Fee Structure & Concession

Offline Classes : Rs. 12750*Β 

Online Classes : Rs. 13575*

* Applicable taxes at 18% will be applicable

Old Students of Dipin Sir Current Affairs Classes can avail an early bird fee concession of Rs. 3000 ( for both Online & Offline Students , inclusive of taxes ).

Try out Our Classes Offline Free

So that you are sure if the classes work for you, we offer the first class open to all. They do get a little crowded, but we are sure we will be able to help you improve content and score better πŸ™‚ Attend the first class on June 24th at 5PM.

How to enroll ?

You can enrol by visiting the Offline Center or by visiting the website at http://academy.forumias.comΒ 

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