ANNOUNCEMENT : Ethics+ ( GS Paper IV ) by ForumIAS | Mains 2019 + Sample Class Notes

Dear Friends,

We shall be commencing with Ethics+ Classes for Mains 2019. This is the second Batch of Ethics+ Classes, which focuses on the below aspects

  • Complete & Comprehensive Coverage of Ethics Terms & Terminologies
  • Coverage of key issues and expected questions through Questions & Answers
  • Quality Note Making & Answer Writing

Our mentorship experience with our MGP Students who have scored well is as below

  1. Namrata Jain , Rank 12, 125 Marks 
  2. Karnati Varun Reddy, Rank 7, 121 Marks 
  3. Minal Karanwal, Rank 35, 114 Marks 

About the Course : 

The Course will have 15 sessions and will fully cover the Ethics Theory Part. Classes for Case studies shall be held after the Prelims Results and will have to be subscribed separately. Printed Material will supplement the classroom  notes. The focus will be on clarity of concepts, quality notes and answers to most expected questions. The coverage will include Second Administrative Reforms Commission Reports as well. Additional sessions may be held if needed.

About Case Studies Classes

Case Studies Classes will be held separately, after the Prelims Result. They will be subscribed separately at a nominal cost only for those who have attended the Ethics+ Classes in this batch or the previous Batch. Case Studies will have between 3 – 5 sessions.

Class Timings & Duration :

The classes will be held from 5PM – 8PM, three days in a week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday. The course shall commence from 12th June. The classes are likely to end by mid-July. The classes will be held in the offline mode only in New Delhi Center.

Fee Structure & Concessions :

The program fees is Rs. 7000. Concessional fee of Rs. 4000 will be applicable for candidates who have been enrolled students of Mains Guidance Program ( MGP ) at any point.  Program Fees are exclusive of applicable taxes @18%.

Sample Notes 

You can view the Sample Class Notes of the CGP ( Ethics ) Module below


How to enrol 

  • The first class can be attended free of cost and is Open to all, so that you can be sure of the classes before you join.
  • Candidates can enrol by visiting the Offline Center in New Delhi or by visiting and paying the requisite fee.

Download Brochure Here


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