[Announcement] Registration for DAF / Interview Sessions @11AM, 27 March

Dear students,

The Civil Services mains results have just been announced. If you have got an interview call or you know someone who has, this is to inform you that we are holding some open sessions and group sessions for interview preparation.

We will commence with the first session at 11 AM, 27 March (tomorrow ) about filling up DAF 2.

We will take up the below things:

1. Filling up Cadre Preference
2. Filling up Service Preferences
3. Filling up Hobbies / Interests / Prizes / Medals

You can register now at the given link : https://go.forumias.com/599

After registration, you will be able to view the live session here : https://go.forumias.com/324

Wishing you Success,

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