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Dear Friends,

#1 View the Study Plan. Bookmark it

First, the Daily Plan for SFG has been uploaded . We have listed down the Plan for Week 1 to Week 6.  The rest of the plan will be uploaded in 24 hours as we are integrating a few revision Tests also in the original plan, based on suggestions sent by some of you.



#2 Read the newspaper daily

Second, You are expected to read the newspaper daily – for about 30-40 minutes for doing your current affairs. Current Affairs events from day to day newspaper may be asked in every Test.

In case you do not have the hard copy, we are updating the Must Read News Articles at  . This is being done from the hard copy itself, ensuring that nothing is missing in it.

Alternatively you can refer to this internal google sheet that we maintain for doing current affairs. It is updated daily by eight thirty or so.

#3 Read the rules carefully

* This course is a set of Test Papers being provided on a good faith basis and is not a Test Series or a service by ForumIAS.
* This course rewards and eliminates candidates for non-performance and absence from program. This has to be taken in the right spirit for the overall successful conduction of the program.
* Question Papers are not allowed to be shared with other candidates after the Test. If any candidate is found helping candidates inside or outside the examination hall, his candidature for the rest of the program will be canceled without warning.
* The shared cost of the program will be borne by you (40%)  and ForumIAS ( 60%). The amount paid by you will depend upon which group you belong to at the end of every four weeks. The management decision will be final.
* This program provides for 2 days of leisure – Saturday- Sunday to all candidates. This can be used for revision, preparation for next week and doing any work that you would otherwise do in the weekdays. At no cost a weekday must be wasted by you for socializing and other works. You are not unemployed , you have decided not to work and prepare for the exam. There is a difference.
* Candidates who do not write the Test on designated day and time will be awarded 0 marks. Question Paper for later attempting will not be allowed. There is no flexibility in this program. Flexibility kills discipline.
* Candidates are prohibited from sharing question papers on any social media/ app or on ForumIAS website. No detailed solutions will be provided to the candidates. Answer keys will be uploaded in online mode/ offline center Notice board the next day.

You are expected to be seated 10 minutes before the commencement of the Test. If you are late, you will have negative marks  of -2 ( upto 5 Minutes )  and -5  ( More than 5 minutes ) for that too. This is because, once the test starts, you disturb the peace of the class by entering late.

You will not be allowed to write the Test if you are late by more than fifteen minutes.

#4 Prepare hard , if you have not been able to make it this time

We have tried to accommodate everyone as far as possible. However, the number of candidates we can take up depends on the seating capacity of the class as well.

In case you have not been able to make it to either group, please prepare hard. We will have another entrance test around February 10th. You must be able to compete and win there.

If anyway, by way of grace we take you in the program, you will not be able to compete. So it is better to prepare harder, raise your preparation level and get what you want. The world has no place for dreamers who do not take actions.

And you have enough time on your hands.

Remember, this is a race, not a morning walk. So run!

#5 Be the best version of yourself

You do not have to be Einstein to clear this exam.  You do not have to be someone else. But you will have to cultivate healthy habits , waking up on time, building a discipline and timeliness, giving up the culture of excuses, if any.

In short, you have to be the best version of yourself. And study at least 8 hours a day excluding the newspaper and classes that you take.

That is all that is needed.

We wish you the best.

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