Answer Writing Focus Group for Mains 2018 – Details

Dear Friends,

This is to inform you all that we shall be commencing with the Answer Writing Focus Group for Mains 2018 from June 11.

You  can find the details of the program here and here.

The Entrance Test for the Answer Writing Focus Group ( AWFG ) will be held in two slots :

Test Writing Slot 1 : 2PM on June 7.

Test Writing Slot 2 : 2PM on June 11

The Test Plan will be relased by June 6th at 6PM. Registrations will close by 6PM tomorrow.


Those who cannot attend the Entrance Test on June 7 can attend the Entrance Test on June 11.


We are aware that a lot of people are getting low scores in Prelims this year. Let us point to you a few facts.

  • First, there is no one this year who is claiming a score of 130-140
  • Those who used to get 140+ in Prelims till last year are not getting more than 120 this year.
  • The candidates who used to get 110-120 till last year, are getting the range of 95-105. Please do not believe us. Ask in your friend circle once. Dont ask Forum friends, ask real friends.
  • Old Timers are not getting top scores, and the paper was not such that first timers will get super duper score either. So you can expect the cut off to  be in the range of 90-95 subject to how many candidates UPSC takes for Mains. Note that UPSC did not increase the seats to 15000 for Mains even when the vacancies were at an all time high.

We urge all students to start Mains Preparation at the earliest and do not make the annual mistake of waiting for result. You  must be aware that anyway a lot of people will be out ( if not actually then at least mentally ) because the nature of paper, and the successful ones will be the ones who are able to capitalise on this opportunity.

Last year the paper was on the easier side and most people were expecting the cut off to be around 110, but it came to be 105.

And first timers, please start preparing for Mains. World History and Post Independence itself will eat away all your time – nearly the full month. There are large parts of the syllabus which you are unaware of and are largely untouched.

Also, god forbid, if you miss the cut off and if you decide to only study for 3 months a year before Prelims, then it will take 5 years to clear the Prelims.

People clear Prelims because they clear Prelims – and study all throughout the year as they write Mains, Interview etc. It takes 10-12 months to prepare for UPSC. Please do not make it 3 months/ year before Prelims and extend your preparation to multiple years.

Please do not mourne pre-maturely for no reason.  No matter how much you score, every year, at least once even people scoring 120+ are scared that they will miss the cut off. There is nothing new.

**************GYAN ENDS*******************************************


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