Answer Writing Focus Group ( Offline ) for Mains 2018 | Entrance Test June 7

UPDATE on June 1 : Registrations are now Open – Click here to register / apply


Dear Students,

We shall be having an Answer Writing Focus Group For Mains 2018 in New Delhi Center. It will be along the lines of SFG for Prelims.

The Candidates selected for the Offline Answer Writing Focus Group , will be be required to write between 5-7 questions – at the Offline Center for a duration of 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Let us admit that we have seen phenomenal progress made by students of SFG for the Prelims, and we like to carry on this momentum of the students for a sure shot success at Mains 2018.

There are two things we have kept in mind

  • First, using the time immediately after Prelims , and most judiciously covering a significant part of the syllabus even before the results comes ( Most people waste time till results come )
  • Second, meaningful questions, and not just random questions for daily practice in a test environment
  • Third, Rankings on the basis of MGP Tests that will be be held every Sunday ( Plan of Batch D will be followed with one week delay )
  • Fourth, having answer writing only on three days a week to provide ample time for Optional Preparation.
  • Fifth covering major part of the Paper 1 syllabus before other get back into the exam mode.

Will there be an entrance Test for the AWFG ?

Yes, We shall have an entrance test for this to ensure that

a) Candidates who are actually writing Mains in 2018 are participating in the program

b) Casual Students who cannot maintain discipline are not included since Day 1

We have a single classroom of size 200 capacity for Test writing, so we shall be limiting the intake to 200 as of now.

What will I get?

The Tests will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2PM ( afternoon , as per UPSC second half timings – also the most unproductive hours )

You will be given Questions and an Answer Booklet in which you have to write the answers. The Answer Booklet will not be evaluated and can be carried home. Holes can be punched in it and put in a file for later reference.

You will get hardcopy of answers of the questions. These answers will be objective and will help you accumulate fodder points for your answers.

What will be the cost of the program?

There will be first and entrance test. To apply for the entrance test, candidates will be required to pay a registration fee of Rs. 500.

Post registration, the candidate will be required to write a test at ForumIAS Offline Center on June 7 at 2PM in a QCA Booklet. The Test will be of 90 minutes duration, and will test the basic skills and understanding of the question.

No special preparation is required from the candidates end.

From among the applicants between 150-200 candidates will be selected for this initiative.

The subscription for the initiative will be on a monthly basis and the expected fees is likely to be in the range of Rs. 1100-2000 per month. The program will be of three months.

The fees charged will be used to incur the cost towards providing you printed Booklets and Answers, and other logistics costs.

This program is intertwined with the MGP Batch D program and candidates writing AWFG will have to appear for the MGP Tests on Sunday . The Batch D program will operate with one week’s delay for them.

Please note so that there is no confusion later

  • MGP is not  FREELY given with the AWFG. It has to be subscribed separately.
  • MGP is mandatory to be part of the AWFG Program. If you are already part of existing MGP 2018 , we will see what we can do for you.
  • Ranking of AWFG will be released on the noticeboard based on MGP Tests will grading of A/B/C/D

How much time will I have to give?

You will be required to come 3 days in a week for 40 minutes to 1 hours to write the Tests . Apart from that there will be a three hour MGP Test weekly and about 2 hours of Test Discussion.

To be a part of the program, you must attend every single Test. Candidates who agree to be part of the program, on missing a test without prior information will be eliminated from the program.

You must appear for the Test on the designated dates at the designated timings. You cannot come and write the tests at any time. You will neither get the Answer Booklet, Question Paper or Solutions of the Tests apart from the time of your test. Discipline is key.

Important Dates : June 7 , 2PM : Entrance Test for AWFG

Selected Candidates will be intimated by 7PM, June 8. Candidates must join within 48 hours of receiving admission confirmation.

Expected Date of Commencement of the Program : June 11, 2PM

Note : This is just for passing on the information since a lot of candidates are have to make plans of doing their tickets after Prelims. We shall post details once Prelims is over.




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