Answer writing for Mains 2021 | LIVE Session | 21st October @5 PM

Dear Friends,

Answer writing has always been a key to cracking Civils. This year some of our MGP students have secured Ranks 5,7,9,12,14,17,18 in the Civil Services Examination ’20.

57+ ForumIAS academy students have made it into the top 100 (43+ excluding the interview students).

Hundreds of our students have secured 420+ marks in GS papers including Divya MishraAIR – 28 who scored 455 marks in GS, and Aditya, AIR -92 who scored 442 marks in GS.

For this year’s mains, we will be conducting an Answer Writing Session on 21st October that will focus on A) Basics of answer writing, B) Mistakes not to make, and C) Value addition that you can make in answer writing.

The session will be LIVE at 5 pm, but a video will not be available thereafter. Candidates who are in Delhi can visit the offline Center to attend the same.

Click here to view the session.


Wishing you Success,
ForumIAS Academy

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