[Answered] Attitude is an important component that goes as input in the development of human being. How to build a suitable attitude needed for a public servant? 

Civil servants are the face of the government. A positive attitude is considered to be an essential characteristic of a civil servant who is required to function under extreme stress. 

Suitable attitude needed for a public servant can be built through: 

  1. Practicing compassion: as a public servant needs to work for the welfare of the masses, compassion can help build a suitable attitude. 
  2. Examples of great leaders: public servants often find themselves in position of ethical/moral dilemmas. In such scenarios, life examples from great leaders, such as Gandhi, Sarda Patel, Nehru etc., can help in building positive attitude. 
  3. Problem solving approach: Learning problem solving approach will help create suitable attitude for public servants as they are required to adopt innovative ways to solve problems.  
  4. Following just actions: as public servants are required to be just and non-partisan in exercise of their duties.  
  5. Imbibing moral values: as public servant is expected to have high integrity honesty and is expected to act in a responsible and transparent manner, imbibing moral values in one’s life can help build suitable attitude for a public servant. 
  6. Inculcating patriotism: As public servants are supposed to uphold national interestimbibing patriotic values can create desirable attitude. 

A human being at large is defined by his/her attitude towards life. A public servant, who has the responsibility of the governance of the nation need to develop positive attitude in order to serve the country to the best of his/her ability. 


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