[Answered] Critically analyze India’s stand on the Ukraine war.

Introduction: Contextual introduction.
Body: Explain India’s stand on the Ukraine war. Also write some issues with it.  Conclusion: Write a way forward.

Ukraine’s bid for NATO membership and Russian interests in the Black Sea accompanied by the protests in the Ukraine are the major causes of the ongoing conflict. Recently, UNGA adopted a resolution, calling for an end to the war. The resolution was favoured by 141 members and opposed by seven, while 32 states abstained. India was one among the 32.

Indian position on the Ukraine crisis:

  • India has refused to condemn Russia for the invasion. It has refused to join the West’s sanctions.
  • It has stepped up buying Russian fuel at a discounted price and has consistentlyabstained from UN votes on the war.
  • Neither the weakening of Russia nor the destruction of Ukraineis in its interests. India wants an immediate end to the war and a new security equilibrium between great powers.
  • India has given the reasons behind it that it wants to maintain a strategic autonomy and has stressed on diplomacy and dialogueas the only way forward.
  • India has decided to continue trade with Russia despite the sanctions imposed.
  • Though India refused to endorse Russian aggression, Indian made some crucial diplomatic contributions such as, a)Underlined the importance of respecting the United Nations Charter, b) Emphasised the inviolability of territorial sovereignty, c) Warned against the use of nuclear weapons, d) Sought to draw attention to the economic impact of the war on the “Global South”,


  • India’s abstaining has raised questions about India’s global commitment to nuclear disarmament and strengthening the non-proliferation order.
  • Russia is deepening its ties with China. India should ask itself whether it should retain its leverage over Russia through existing ties or lose it completely by joining the western coalition over moral commitments.
  • To manage its continental interests and tackle its continental security concerns, India has to work with powers in the Eurasian landmass where the U.S. is practically absent, especially after its disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

India should stick to its pragmatic neutrality, rooted in realism, and continue to push for a practical solution to the Ukraine crisis.


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