[Answered] Discuss the importance of increasing emigrations from India. How does the proposed emigration bill 2021 smoothen the emigration process?

Introduction: contextual introduction.
Body: Write some points related to importance of emigration from India. Also mention about how new policy will be helpful in smooth emigration process.
Conclusion: Give a way forward.

Emigration is the act of leaving a resident country with the intent to settle elsewhere. India sends out the world’s largest number of emigrants-17.5 million as per estimates from the International Organisation for Migration’s (UN-IOM) World Migration Report 2020.

Importance of increasing emigrations from India:

  • As per a World Bank Group report (2021), annual remittances transferred to India are $87 billion, which is the highest in the world. It has been substantially higher than even FDI and the flow of remittances is much less fluctuating than that of FDI.
  • The Indian Diaspora has played an important role in promoting India’s interests abroad in the fields of culture, education, economic development, health and arts.
  • This community can help India by investing in Indian industry and infrastructure to encourage its economic growth.

The Indian government proposed a new Emigration Bill in 2021 which aims to integrate emigration management of emigrant workers. The following provisions help in easing the emigration process:

  • Preventing exploitation: To prevent the exploitation workers faced by agents, bill came up with provisions of hiring only those agents certified by government.
  • Protection: It is the complete responsibility and obligation of agents to protect the workers. For this help desks and committees were to be set up.
  • Accountability of brokers: It increases the accountability of brokers and other intermediaries who are involved in labour hiring.
  • Creating database for welfare: The Bureau of Emigration Administration (BEA) will maintain a database of Indian emigrants, and implement programmes for welfare of emigrants.
  • Orientation and skill upgradation programmes: Nodal committees in states and UTs will undertake pre-departure orientation programmes and skill upgradation programmes for prospective emigrants.

It is vital to uphold the rights and safeguard the interests of the migrant workers employed abroad. The proposed bill is a right step in assuring emigrants, their dignity and protection against exploitative practices.

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