[Answered] Discuss the reasons behind the prevalence of Violence against domestic workers. Also, suggest some measures to control this menace.

Introduction: Contextual introduction.
Body: Explain some reasons behind the prevalence of Violence against domestic workers. Also write some measures to control this menace.
Conclusion: Write a way forward.

As per the ILO convention 189, a domestic worker is a person engaged in domestic chores within an employment relationship. India is witnessing a constant increase in the number of domestic workers. According to the government’s e-Shram portal, a national database of unorganised workers, almost 10% of the workers registered are engaged as domestic and household workers.

Reasons behind the prevalence of violence against domestic workers:

  • There is lack of accurate data on the number of domestic workers in India.
  • Theabuse of domestic workers can be partly blamed on a lack of social and labour protection. This often happens because of discrimination on the lines of sex, race and caste.
  • Given their backward social and economic status, women who enter domestic work are extremely vulnerable as personal relations govern their entry into the occupation and the conditions at work afterwards.
  • State apathy at regulating this sector is evident from the lack of any specific laws to protect the rights of these workers.
  • As per the definition of labour laws, private households are outside the realm of their coverage. Though most state governments have added domestic work to the list of scheduled employment, implementation remains an issue.

Measures to control this menace:

  • There is a need to address the power imbalance and provide greater protectionfor domestic workers. The government should also retain a degree of flexibility in work structures.
  • The government should also ensure detailed documentation and greater transparency in work contracts.
  • A standard way to collect data on domestic work, as well as the social and economic value of domestic work, is needed.
  • Steps like increasing pay, joining minimum wage protection, and regulating working hours are needed to make things better.
  • Policies and strategies that protect domestic workers’ labour and social rights, like social security, written contracts,and so on, should be pushed by the government.

There is need to protect the domestic workers from abuse, harassment, violence and guarantee them rights in the matter of social security and minimum wages.

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