[Answered] Discuss the role played by Indian diaspora in India’s growth story and diplomatic efforts.

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Introduction. Contextual Introduction.
Body. Role of diaspora in country’s progress and diplomacy.
Conclusion. Way forward.

India is the leading country of origin of international migrants in 2019 with a 17.5 million strong diaspora, according to new estimates released by the United Nations. Diaspora help country politically, socially and most importantly economically. India is one of the major recipients of remittances. However, besides remittances, diaspora help the country economically in various other ways.

Role of diaspora in country’s progress and diplomacy:

  1. National representation across the globe: Diasporas are symbol of a nation’s pride and represent their country internationally. They help in building country’s  value internationally through their huge success stories.
  2. Economic contribution: Many emigrants make huge investments into their home countries in domestic financial, real estates, services and technological sectors helping in huge inflow of capitals that boost local economy and create huge jobs.
  3. Remittances: One of the greatest economic contribution of Indian diaspora has been in terms of remittances. Remittances make an invaluable contribution by aiding in socio-economic development, poverty reduction and changes in consumption behaviour in rural areas.
  4. Help in technology transfer: Diasporas are mostly based in foreign countries which are developed and hence are technologically advance and rich in innovations. They help in bringing these technology and innovations to their country of origin through investment and collaborations.
  5. Diplomacy: An important advantage in having a large emigrant group is furthering of nation’s diplomacy through people to people contact. Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal is a case in point, as ethnic Indians in United States successfully lobbied for clinching of the N-deal.
  6. Spread of indigenous culture and traditions: Cultural spread helps in export of domestic cuisines and merchandise which open the room for investment in the host countries to feed the local tastes of people for those cuisines.
  7. Political influence: Diaspora play important role in influencing policies and politics of its host country in favour of its country of origin and also, development of good ties and relations between both countries. It help in lobbying their nation’s interest across the globe.
  8. Help in boosting bilateral ties: Diaspora increasingly becoming prominent with getting prominent places in the high offices of their residing nations like UK, USA which further helps in building their economic linkages.

India is increasingly becoming an attractive nation for the foreign countries which is resulting in more favourable environment for the diaspora by their residing countries. The positive impact of the diaspora is making the government of India to move more closer to them and reap more benefits with their cooperation.

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