[Answered] Discuss various reasons for rise in crimes against certain sections of people in India. Argue wether it is a global phenomenon or confined to India only.

Demand of the question
Introduction. Contextual Introduction.
Body. Reasons for rising atrocities against certain section of the society. Illustrate how it is a global phenomenon?
Conclusion. Way forward.

Premeditated killing of people of particular section or community is on rise in India. Recent incidents of lynchings and similar mob violence shows rising intolerance in the society. Crime against minority especially religious minority and killing of girls in the name of honour is not only a serious crime but a malaise that threaten our social fabric.

Reasons for rising atrocities against certain section of the society:

  1. Poor Implementation of minority’s laws: An act of lynching reflects failure of law to protect minorities and punish the culprits. State action is important in strict enforcement of law and punishing the culprits.
  2. Lack of accountability and conviction: Lack of accountability of the law and order institutions and lack of conviction of culprit lead to increase in such activities. Thus community and state role increase to stop such crimes. Active participation of civil society against such crimes and helping state and law enforcement agencies in nabbing the criminal is critical.
  3. Patriarchy: Patriarchal mindset not only lead to atrocities against women but also many crimes against women are due to this. Honour killing, domestic violence are on rise due to increasing women voice that is challenging patriarchal mindset.
  4. Vote-bank politics: Sometimes, political mobilisation that uses violence as a tool of politics, support such elements in society. Here community awareness and action against such politicians become necessary to prevent such vote bank politics.
  5. Police failure: Indifferent attitude of Police leads people to take law in their own hands. Also police delays and inability to catch the criminals lead to more such incidents. State should be more proactive in police reforms. Strict action should be taken against any police officials who do not record such incidents in criminal records.
  6. Social media menace: Rise in penetration of Social media and its usage to spread rumours and hatred has exaggerated such incidents. A vigil community with state action on taking action against cyber criminals is must to prevent fake news and rumours.
  7. High Unemployment rates: High unemployment leave millions of youth unengaged. These young brains are often misguided and brainwashed through various ideologies and agendas. State action is important to provide more employment opportunities to youth with focus on economic development of the region.

Is it confined to only India?

  1. It is a global phenomenon. Polarisation along the lines of religious lines is occurring across the globe.
  2. Women is suffering not only in India but all over the world. Recent #Metoo movement is e.g. of this that reflects worldwide harassment of women.
  3. Europe is being endangered by recent terrorist attacks due to radicalisation of youth.
  4. Similarly, in USA rise in incidents of gun attacks show increasing hatred against particular sections especially migrants.

Thus it can be said that such incidents are increased recently in India and over the world. Programs especially focused on teaching values of tolerance and secularism is important. Government has launched Ek bharat Shrestha bharat for sustained and structured cultural connect between citizens of different regions. There is need of proactive role played by community and state governments. For a demographically diverse country such as India, such crimes are a disaster.

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