[Answered] Do you think that Rajya Sabha is essential for Indian democracy? Give reasons in favor of your arguments.

Introduction: contextual introduction.
Body: Write some points related to the importance of Rajya Sabha. Also write some issues with this house.
Conclusion: Give some suggestions.

The Upper House of Indian Parliament has been playing a pivotal role in India’s much cherished parliamentary democracy, keeping the bicameral structure alive, setting new records and creating history since its inception. It came into being in 1952. For the first time, bicameralism was introduced by Government of India Act, 1919.

Importance of Rajya Sabha:

  • The Rajya Sabha maintains the federal equilibrium by protecting the interests of the states against the undue interference of the Centre.
  • The second chamber enables a second and reflective expression of representative opinion.
  • It ensures that the majoritarian thrust of the Lower House does not undermine rule of law and public institutions. Legislation is checked by members who are expected to be sober, wise and well-informed with domain knowledge.
  • Rajya Sabha can be the voice of sanity, of the excluded, and of citizen rights. It had cleared bills to penalise untouchability (1954), prohibit dowry (1959), and give all Indian children the right to education (2009).
  • The Rajya Sabha has been more like a diverse mix of minds from different streams as writers, economists or even poets or political leaders etc.

Issues associated with the functioning of Rajya Sabha:

  • The deadlock between both Houses on parliamentary matters is a major setback to India’s progress and shows the leadership of all parties in a bad light.
  • Cronyism and patronage appointments in Rajya Sabha are increasing.
  • Only some members have the necessary qualifications that will do justice to the role of the Rajya Sabha, others do not measure up.
  • It witnesses a disturbing trend of rising disruptions which dent the quality of law-making as seen in passing of Bills without discussion sometimes.
  • Many parties are now using the Rajya Sabha as a backdoor to get members elected, most of whom will not be able to win a Lok Sabha election.

Even though the ups and downs of Indian politics, the Rajya Sabha has remained a vanguard for political and social values and a melting pot of cultural diversity. It is necessary to make Rajya Sabha an effective and time-bound contributor to India’s parliamentary system.

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