[Answered] Examine the issue of skewed gender ratio at workplaces in India. What measures will ensure better gender ratio?

Demand of the question
Introduction. Facts about the situation.
Body. Causes of the skewed ratio.
Conclusion. Way forward.

India stands at 108th position in global gender gap report of World economic forum. There is also less participation of girls in Science, technology, engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Fields . IIT in 2016 got only 8% female student. Only 12% women legislators are there in India. IMF report suggested that Female Labour Work Force is less in India compared to other peer countries. This shows a clear gap when it comes to women at work wrt men in India.

Reasons/ Causes.

  1. Social Causes-Patriarchal mindset prevailing in society where women is considered as housewife only. Also there is feudal mindset in society where women is often objectified and tied to family managing tasks. Social stigma prevails as some families still do not allow women to work.
  2. Safety Reasons-Workplace safety is very important when it comes to women participation in industry. Apathy by employers to provide infrastructural facilities to women such as toilets, crèche facilities, transport facilities etc as organisations find it financial burden. Also Sexual harassment at work place also acts as a factor of skewed gender ratio leading to stress ,fear etc. Study says 80% of women leave their jobs after facing with sexual harassment.
  3. Personal Causes-Women has to balance between family tasks as well as official tasks which some women are unable to cope up with. Lack of self confidence among women as compared to their male counterparts is evident.
  4. Misconceptions– Women are still considered less efficient to men when it comes to work along-with lack of awareness about the rights available to women coupled with delay in judicial mechanism.

Measures needed

  1. Awareness- Creating awareness regarding women rights. NGOs/CSOs to take pro active measures in bringing the change.
  2. Legal- Sexual harassment at work place law to be implemented in letter and spirit. Following Vishakha guidelines strictly. The pending Women Reservation bill should be passed so that at least 33% women will be represented in Loksabha and Assemblies.
  3. Skilling- Upgrading skills of women , encouraging entrepreneurship spirit in them etc. Stand up India is a good initiative.
  4. Proactive efforts- Promoting SHGs for inclusive and sustainable development of women eg SEWA organisation. Women should be encouraged to be more vocal about their rights eg METOO CAMPAIGN.

Government of India efforts such as Beti bachao beti padhao, stand up India, MUDRA, maternity benefit act etc are steps in right direction. Stringent laws and punishment should be given to the person who harasses women in any form. Madhya Pradesh has law that give life sentence to the person who found guilty of raping a girl of less than 12yrs old. Such efforts should be implemented in letter and spirit to realise true potential of women to increase their participation in work force.

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