[Answered] Explain the purpose of the Green Grid Initiative launched at World Leaders Summit of the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November, 2021. When was this idea first floated in the International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

The Green grid/OSOWOG initiative announced at COP-26, Glasgow by India and UK, is an international initiative to create an interconnected global power grid for reliable, resilient and affordable supply of clean energy for all.  

Purpose of the Green Grid Initiative can be highlighted as: 

  1. To speed up the process to decarbonize energy production, which is the largest source of global GHG emissions. 
  2.  To help in increasing investment in Research and development centers by pooling skill, technology and financial resources. 
  3. To transport solar power to different countries by creating a three phase 2600 GW of interconnection by connecting Asia, Africa and rest of the world by 2050. 
  4. To create international network of global interconnected solar power grid, to ensure 24×7 supply of green power. 
  5. To operate by building and scaling inter-regional energy grids, leveraging the difference of time zones, seasons, resources, and prices between the country and region. 

The idea for the single global grid for solar was first outlined at the first assembly of International Solar Alliance in the late 2018 by the Indian Prime Minister to: 

  1. Initiate a collaborative effort to minimize cost, maximize efficiency and attract investments to build a global green grid. 
  2. Envision a sustainable and impactful change to lift millions out from poverty through green energy. 

However, the implementation of Green Grids will face the challenges of: 

  1. Financing, for creation of global transmission infrastructure. 
  2. Global cooperation between the countries, for connecting with the green grid. 
  3. As the grid will pass through several geographical locations, it will be sensitive to the security risks emanating from terror organizations. 

Green grid initiative has the potential to create avenues for scalable green energy source, which could be the answer to the rising global temperatures. 

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