[Answered] Given all the plus points of nano-fertilizers vis-à-vis their conventional counterparts, the need for their promotion cannot be overstressed. In light of the statement, discuss the significance of hi-tech nano-fertilizers.

Introduction: Contextual introduction.

Body: Explain significance of nano-fertilizers.

Conclusion: Write a way forward.

India is the 2nd largest consumer and 3rd largest producer of fertilizers in the world.  India depends heavily on imports for its fertilizer requirements. In 2021-22, in value terms, imports of all fertilisers touched an all-time high of $12.77 billion. A nano fertilizer is any product that is made with nano particles or uses nanotechnology to improve nutrient efficiency.

Significance of nano-fertilizers:

  • Higher Shelf Life: Liquid nano urea has a shelf life of a year and farmers need not be worried about “caking” when it comes in contact with moisture.
  • These innovative and indigenously developed liquid fertilisers can prove a game-changer by reducing the dependence on imports and government subsidies due to the spike in the international prices of plant nutrients in the aftermath of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
  • Their ultra-small particle size is favourable to easier absorption by the plants than with bulk fertilisers, translating into higher nitrogen use efficiency. g. While conventional urea has an efficiency of about 25%, the efficiency of liquid nano urea can be as high as 85-90%.
  • Nutrients, are bound to nano-dimensional adsorbents, which release nutrients very slowly as compared to conventional fertilizers. This approach also minimizes nutrient leaching into ground water.
  • Comparatively higher solubility and diffusionimpart superiority to nanofertilizers over conventional synthetic fertilizers. 
  • They increase soil fertility, yield, and quality parameters of the crop, they are non-toxic and less harmful to environment and humans.

Indian fertilizer sector needs a revolution to address the challenges posed by the present fertilizer usage and supply chain. Use of Nano Urea is promoted through different activities such as awareness camps, webinars, field demonstrations, kisan sammelans and films in regional languages etc.

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