[Answered] How is S-400 air defence system technically superior to any other system presently available in the world?

The S-400 (Triumf) is a mobile long range surface-to-air missile (LR-SAM) system developed by Russia. It is considered as one of the world’s most advanced air defence systems that can simultaneously track and neutralize a range of incoming aerial threats. India has engaged with Russia for the purchase of 5 S-400, missile defence system.

S-400 are superior to other missile defence system available in the world as:

  1. The S-400 system comes with a multifunction radar, autonomous detection and targeting system, anti-aircraft missile systems and a command-and-control Centre.
  2. It is capable of engaging any target over a long range of 400kms at 27kms altitude. It also has the capacity to simultaneously engage 36 targets.
  3. S-400 can be deployed in 5 mins, as compared to 25 minutes taken by Patriot. The highest speed of S-400 at 4.8 km/sec. surpasses Patriot’s 1.38 km/sec.
  4. While its radars are capable of detecting low-signature targets, it comes with an electronic counter-countermeasures to thwart any jamming attempts by the enemies
  5. While it is a fraction of the cost of its western counterparts such as THAAD or patriot, it can protect a much larger area, as compared to Iron Dome used by Isarael.
  6. It has an edge over US made THAAD, in terms of range and hitting targets beyond the horizon.
  7. While, being an anti-ballistic missile defence system, S-400 is also capable of engaging other aerial targets, like UAVs etc.

With India facing two inimical neighbors in its western and eastern borders, a possibility of two-front engagement cannot be denied. In this light even though, purchase of S-400 runs the risk of attracting US sanctions under CAATSA, it is indispensable for India’s strategic/tactical needs.

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